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Service Hotline 0755-29852678
Guangdong Kezheng Technical Service Co., Ltd.
Telephone:13534033673 Kezheng Testing Park,Shajing Street,
Baoan District, Shenzhen

Kezheng Testing Group solemnly declares


Solemn declaration

    Dear customers and partners:

       The company (Kezheng Testing Group and its subsidiary Guangdong Kezheng Technical Service Co., Ltd.) has recently received many inquiries from customers about whether Shenzhen Shupeng Technology Co., Ltd. is related to the company. In view of this, the company solemnly declares:

    The company is not associated with Shenzhen Shupeng Technology Co., Ltd., and all actions of Shenzhen Shupeng Technology Co., Ltd. have nothing to do with Kezheng Testing Group/Guangdong Kezheng Technology Service Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries.

       We would like to remind our customers and partners of our company to carefully review their business dealings with our company. If you have any questions, please call our service hotline 0755-2985 2678 to check and confirm. For any company or individual infringement of the company’s rights, The company reserves the right to use legal means to pursue responsibilities and protect the legal rights and interests of the company. As for the evidence provided by our customers and partners that other companies violated our company's power, our company will strictly keep it confidential and give rewards for reporting.

    Hereby declare!

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    Guangdong Kezheng Technical Service Co., Ltd.

    December 10, 2021