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Let learn about pencil testing standards


A pencil is a hand-held pen and tool used for writing and drawing on paper. Various online shopping malls are very popular. If you want to sell in e-commerce or supermarkets, you must apply for a pencil test report. Therefore, the product needs to be tested in accordance with certain national standards when processing the test report. Only products that pass the test will be consumers Recognized.

   Pencil related test standards:

  GB/T 26698-2011 test pencil and special pen for smearing cards

   GB/T 26704-2011 pencil

   GB/T 39011.1-2020 Technical drawing mechanical pencil Part 1: Classification, size, performance requirements and tests

   GB/T 39011.2-2020 Technical drawing mechanical pencil Part 2: Black lead core classification and size

   ASTM D6901-2006 fine art color pencil specifications

  DIN ISO 9177-1-1990 Mechanical pencil for drawing. Part 1: Requirements and inspections related to classification, size and performance

   ISO 9177-2-1989 mechanical pencils. Part 2: Black lead cores. Classification and dimensions

  ISO 9177-3-1994 mechanical pencil part 3: black lead core HB lead core bending strength

  ISO 9180-1988 black lead core of wooden pencil-classification and diameter

  ISO/FDIS 9177-1-2011 mechanical pencil part 1: classification, size, performance requirements and testing