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Australia SAA certification

Certification Introduction

SAA is the abbreviation of Standards Association of Australia, and it is Australia's standard-setting body. In 1999, the association was changed to a limited company, called Standards Australia International Limited, or SAI for short. SAI is an independent joint stock company and has no direct relationship with the government. We often refer to Australian certification as SAA certification. In fact, SAA is only a standard-setting body and does not issue product certification.

SAA does not have a fixed mark. It is represented by a certificate number. After a nationally recognized laboratory organization issues a certificate, the abbreviated code of the certification company and the registration number are the "safety mark", and the certification number needs to be printed on the label.


SAA certification basic information

Technical information: AC240V/50Hz for AU; AC 230V/50Hz for New Zealand

Is it mandatory: mandatory + voluntary

Certificate validity period: 5 years long

Factory inspection requirements: none

Requirements for the holder: a local registered company or local agent must hold a certificate

The relationship between SAA certification, C-Tick, A-Tick and RCM

SAA certification controls safety regulations, C-Tick certification controls EMC and radio products, and A-Tick certification controls telecommunications products. The RCM mark is a certification mark launched in 2013. After the product has obtained safety certification and electromagnetic compatibility registration, it can obtain the RCM mark through the safety certification regulatory agency. Starting from March 1, 2016, all electronic and electrical products sold must begin to use the RCM logo uniformly; the A-tick and C-tick logos will be replaced. RCM can be understood as a registration system, including SAA and C-TICK。

Applicable product range

The products controlled by SAA certification can be divided into two types: mandatory electronic products and non-mandatory electronic products:

1. Declared Electrical Products covers 56 categories of products, such as external power supplies or chargers, wires, plugs, home appliances (60335-2-9, -14, 15, -23, -80), lamps (60598- 2-4) etc. Controlled electrical appliances must obtain a certificate of approval (certificate of approval) issued by the monitoring department, that is, SAA certification, and require a logo (must be marked with a certificate number).

2. Non-Declared Electrical Products (Non-Declared Electrical Products) refers to products other than mandatory certification, such as commercial kitchen appliances. Although certification is not mandatory for non-regulated products, the seller/manufacturer is responsible for its safety and can apply for certification voluntarily. The monitoring department will issue a Certificate of Suitability for products that meet the requirements of the standard. Electrical products that have obtained a certificate of conformity can be marked with a certificate number, and the letter after the certificate shows which state or region the certificate is issued by.

application process

1. Fill in the application form

2. Product sample test

3. Sample rectification (when the test fails)

4. Issue a report

5. Report evaluation

6. Issuing a certificate

Application information

1. Application Form

2. CB certificate and report

3. Product label (contains the corresponding certification mark)

4. PCB printed circuit board

5. Description of the current filter

6. Converter manual

7. Product photos

8. List of key components (usually required for direct application cases)

9. Certificate of key components

10. User manual (English manual or manual in the language of the certification country)

11. Plug test report (AUPlugTestReport that SAA needs to provide)