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Rhine cTUVus certification

Certification Introduction

The cTUVus certification mark provides customers with a clear and direct method for product safety, enabling their products to successfully enter the US and Canadian markets. North America, Germany, Rhein has been filed to perform verification and product testing services for American ANSI/UL standards and Canadian national standards.  

Technical Information

Frequency: 60Hz Voltage: Single-phase 120V (used in the United States and Canada, measuring between fire and earth wires, providing 15 or 20A protection circuits); 240V (for measuring water and fire wires, generally available for use)

Voltage: Three-phase 208/240V

Plug structure: NEMA 5-15P and 6-15P plug standards are used in the United States and Canada. These straight blade plugs in the United States are clearly described in the NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) WD6 edition and are included in UL498. The Canadian plug and socket standard is mentioned in CSA publication C22.2, No.42.

Applicable product range

The authorized projects of Rhein in Germany include: office equipment, information technology, business machines, audio-visual equipment, home appliances, laboratory equipment, medical equipment, test and measurement equipment, control equipment, and so on.

The U.S.-Canadian certification mark of Rheinland and other US NRTL (like UL, CSA, etc.) are at the same level. As far as the U.S. and Canada market is concerned, only Rheinland has the capability of product testing and verification services.

Germany Rhein issued TUVus certification mark to products in the U.S. market

Germany Rhein issued cTUV certification marks for products in the Canadian market

When the TUVus and cTUV logos are used together, the customer can mark a single logo cTUVus on the product, which can prove that the product meets the requirements of the US and Canadian markets.