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Israel SII certification

Certification Introduction

The abbreviation of SII Israel Standards Association, the full name is: Thestandards lnstitution of lsrael, all electronic and electrical products exported to Israel must obtain SII certification, because Israel is also a member of IEECEE-CB, so they recognize and accept its IECEE-CB member CB test report issued by the country.


The necessity of SII certification

The "mandatory" in Israel's compulsory certification needs to be understood from many aspects. According to the laws and regulations promulgated by the Israeli state, all goods must be inspected by the SII agency when they enter Israel to confirm that the goods conform to the country of Israel. standard requirement. Israel’s “Industry, Trade and Labor Administration” calls this certification procedure “presumption of conformity”. Goods are inspected in batches, that is, every imported goods must be inspected. The test certificate issued during the previous inspection can be used for the next inspection. It is used for goods inspection, but it cannot be used to directly replace the goods inspection. It will only shorten the time of the goods at the customs, so as to save customers some customs stagnation costs (usually SII goods inspection time is about 40 days).

Applicable product range

Household appliances

Cables, wires, instrument switches and automatic switching devices

Complete equipment and joining device

Lighting technology products

Adjust protection equipment

Low voltage control device

Small power transformer

Electric welding equipment

PC and laptop

Chemical supply source

Small and medium-sized engines

Measuring tools

Electronic equipment

Game console

Information technology equipment and office equipment

Film and photography technical equipment and utensils

Radio communication, radio broadcasting, television equipment

Communication and fax equipment

Low-voltage equipment

Electric heating equipment

application process

1. Application

2. Sample delivery test

3. Submit test report

4. Factory counseling before factory inspection

5. On-site review

6. Issuing certificates

Application materials

Manufacturers of electrical products, if they want to obtain approval for a certain electrical appliance produced in their factory to carry a mark, must submit a formal application that includes at least the following content:

A. A brief description of the organization of the manufacturer (a diagram of the structure of the organization);

B. Description of the specifications and standards on which the product is manufactured;

C. Description of production equipment;

D. Description of inspection equipment;

E. If necessary, measurement and calibration procedures and equipment descriptions;

F. Description of quality control measures and quality control specifications taken to supervise consistent manufacturing;

G. If not all the products are manufactured in the applicant's factory, the manufacturing stage in the manufacturer's factory and by other manufacturers shall be separately stated;

H. A list of test items that can be performed in the applicant's laboratory and a list of equipment available for these tests.