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Inspection report

What is a quality inspection report

The quality inspection report is a safety and performance test for the product, and it successfully settled on other platforms such as Tmall, or supermarkets, or is a reference standard for consumers. According to the three-level standards (national standards, ministerial standards and the company's own standards), the quality assessment is carried out, the basic evaluation is made, and the reasons for the qualified or unqualified quality are analyzed. This is the main part of the quality inspection report.

Why do a quality inspection report

Common reporting purposes:

1. Enter online shopping malls such as and

2. Bidding/bidding.

3. A report for project acceptance.

4. Supplier requirements.

5. Publicity report.

6. Settled in 4S shop (general auto supplies)

7. Reports required for shopping.

8. Reports required by stores (such as Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Rainbow, Guoanju, B&Q, etc.)

Note: If electronic and electrical products enter and Tmall, you need to confirm whether the product needs 3C certification. If it is not in the 3C range, the test report is useful. If it is in the 3C range, you need to provide 3C certification first.

The purpose of the test report:

1. Judge whether the product quality is qualified;

2. Determine the product quality level or the severity of the defect;

3. Check the process flow and supervise the quality of the process;

4. Collect statistics and analyze quality data to provide a basis for quality improvement and quality management activities;

5. Carry out arbitration inspection to determine responsibility for quality accidents.

The significance of the quality inspection report:

1. Provide users with qualified products and expand market share, thereby reducing quality costs;

2. Obtain qualified raw materials, purchased parts and outsourced parts to ensure the quality of the company's products;

3. Provide a basis for the enterprise's claim;

4. Keep the process under control, which can ensure the production of qualified parts.

Applicable product range

The quality inspection report needs to determine the scope:

Electronics, food, medicine, clothing, luggage, leather, toys, furniture, textile material analysis, chemical hazard testing, building materials, ceramics, automobile testing, mineral testing, cosmetics, electromagnetic compatibility, agricultural products, soil solid waste, industrial waste, etc. Report quality inspection report Tmall quality inspection report Jingdong quality inspection report msds report clothing quality inspection report.

Project requirements standard

Different products have different test requirements. For example, the quality inspection report requirements for apparel, home textiles, and children's clothing categories include: component content, GB18401 complete set, logo mark, appearance quality, saliva-resistant color, velvet content, velvet content, raw material requirements, etc.

application process

Step 1: Determine the scope of product testing

1. Consult the testing agency to explain the purpose of the product report, product characteristics and other information;

2. After receiving the application that meets the requirements, the certification body will issue an acceptance notice to the applicant to notify the applicant to send or post relevant documents and materials.

Step 2: Sample reception

1. The sample is delivered directly to the designated testing agency by the applicant. After the applicant pays, he fills in the payment voucher as required. The testing agency checks and accepts the collected samples, fills in the sample acceptance report, and issues a sample rectification notice for unqualified samples. Fill in the sample acceptance report after rectification.

2. After the sample is checked and accepted, the testing agency will fill in the sample testing schedule and report it to the certification agency. After receiving the sample testing progress, the certification agency will issue a formal acceptance notice to the applicant, and the testing agency will issue a test task letter to the testing agency, and the sample testing will officially start.

The third step: sample testing

1. The work that the enterprise should do in the type test stage is: send test samples, required parts and technical data, understand the test progress, and make timely corrections in accordance with the sample test correction notice if there are unqualified items.

2. After the sample test is over, the testing agency will fill in the sample test result notification, and the testing agency will also send the test report and other materials to the certification agency.

Application materials

1. Sample preparation: For products related to appearance quality, it is recommended to prepare every type of the same model, the same color and the same code.

2. Trademark and brand information

3. If there is a logo test, a tag, washing water mark, certificate, manual, etc. must be provided

4. Quality inspection application form

Test report cost, validity period and period

How much does it cost to make a test report?

The cost is related to the test product, test item, and test qualification. Different test products correspond to different test standards, and the tested products are also different. There is no test qualification, so the test cost will not be the same. In addition, the test costs of full-item inspection and partial inspection of test standards are also different, so these issues must be understood clearly before the test.

How long is the validity period of the test report?

Regarding this issue, it mainly depends on the test products and inspection standards. Generally speaking, as long as the test is not updated, the test remains unchanged and the test report is always valid. However, there are special circumstances. If it is used on an e-commerce platform, they generally only approve it within one year. So this depends on the platform or the buyer's requirements.

How long does the test report test take?

Look at the test project. There are many test items, and the time is long. If the test project is complicated, the time will be long.