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Energy efficiency testing service

The energy efficiency laboratory of Kezheng Testing Group is the China Energy Efficiency Label Filing Laboratory and the CQC Energy-saving Certification Testing Laboratory. The company has many advanced testing equipment, such as Yokogawa WT310 power meter, Yokogawa WT210 power meter, CHROMA color TV image signal generator, CHROMA color analyzer, HDTV multi-function signal generator, remote color luminance meter, TES illuminance meter, etc. . scope of test

★Information technology equipment and audio and video equipment

★AC-DC and AC-AC external power supply

★Switching power supply for microcomputer

★Color TV Broadcast Receiver

★Battery charging system

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★The standby power, start-up power, average efficiency of the product,

★No-load active power of the power supply,

★Display device brightness,

★Energy efficiency index, energy efficiency limit value,

★Energy-saving evaluation value

★Charging and discharging of battery

Introduction to conventional energy efficiency testing

★CEC, California, USA

California approved electrical energy efficiency regulations on June 23, 2006, and sales of electrical appliances in California must comply with California Energy Commission requirements.

★European ERP Directive (2009/125/EC)

On October 31, 2009, the European Union promulgated the "Energy-consuming Product Eco-Design Framework Directive", the EPR Directive: 2009/125/EC. It replaced the original Eup Directive 2005/32/EC,

It is clearly stated that Erp must be included in the CE mark.

★Chinese energy efficiency label Chinese energy efficiency label


According to the energy efficiency labeling product catalog and related requirements, all products in the energy efficiency labeling product catalog produced, sold and imported in China must be affixed with the "China Energy Efficiency Labeling" label.

Products without a logo are not allowed to go on sale.

★Australia Energy Efficiency Certification GEMS Certificate

The energy efficiency requirements of the Australian government include energy consumption labels and low energy consumption standards (GE M S certification).

★Energy Star

On Tuesday, March 30, 2013, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced and effective immediately: Manufacturers must submit a test report issued by an EPA accredited laboratory, and the test report must be submitted to the EPA and approved before the ENERGY STAR label can be attached to the product