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Saudi Arabia COC certification

Certification Introduction

The COC certificate is a requirement of many countries. For goods exported to Saudi Arabia, Iran and other Middle East regions, the customs of the importing country requires the importer to provide a certificate of conformance (COC, certificate of conformance) issued by a recognized international certification company for the batch of goods. Among them, SASO (Arab Standards Organization) stipulates that imported goods must have a COC clearance certificate. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia implements product conformity certification for its imported goods. All products are required to carry a certificate of conformity, also known as the Saudi CoC certificate, so that the product can complete import clearance at the Saudi customs.

COC certification basic information

Compulsory certification

No need for factory inspection

Sample test: If the provided test report is invalid, a sample test is required

Need a local representative

Significance of certification

Protect public health

· Consumer Safety

· National Security

· Protection of religion and public morals

· protect environment

· Prevent fraud

Applicable product range

Controlled products include all consumer goods that arrive in Saudi Arabia except military equipment, medical equipment and food.

Regulatory requirements

·Imported products must comply with the SASO Certification Scheme (ICCP).

· All imported controlled products need to be authorized by the official organization entity of the country of origin to issue a CoC.

· Each new shipment requires a certificate of registration (CoR) and a CoC certificate. When the CoR certificate is valid, repeated application for CoC certification for the same product can shorten the certification cycle.

· The testing work needs to be carried out by an accredited testing laboratory.

· All imported consignment goods must indicate the country of origin and cannot be dismantled.

· Comply with SASO and IEC standards

· As mentioned above, products with communication functions need to comply with EMC standards.


Saudi Arabia COC certification guide

· CoC needs to carry out pre-shipment inspection (PSI).

· The relevant authorities in Saudi Arabia may randomly take samples from imported consignments to verify compliance with the standards.

· If the goods arrive at any port in Saudi Arabia but do not have a CoC certificate, these goods will be refused entry or require a local accredited testing laboratory for product testing.