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Morocco COC certification

Certification Introduction

The controlled products exported to Morocco must comply with Moroccan technical regulations and standards, and must obtain a COC certificate to successfully clear customs and enter the Moroccan market. For controlled products that need to apply for and obtain a COC certificate before export, traders must verify the controlled products before export and obtain a COC conformity certificate to verify that the products comply with the local technical regulations and standards in Morocco.

Previously, Morocco implemented a transitional policy: For some products that did not obtain a COC conformity certificate before export, the Moroccan government accepts inspection and verification after arrival in Hong Kong. This transitional policy will end on December 31, 2020.

Product Control List

  • Electrical appliances

  • Other electrical products

  • Construction materials (pipes, sheets, sanitary equipment, insulation, wooden panels, cement, windows, glass...)

  • Gas/oil appliances

  • Toys, parks and baskets for children, baby diapers, furniture

  • Textiles, shoes, leather, clothing Textiles, shoes, leather, clothing

  • Chemical products (detergents, paint, bitumen, matches, lighters ...) Chemical products (detergents, paint, bitumen, lighters, etc.)

  • Plastic products

  • Products in contact with food (kitchenware, crockery...)

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), helmets for motorcycles

  • Automotive spare parts (tyres, automotive parts)

  • Others

Morocco COC application materials

1. Application Form

2. Proforma invoice

3. Packing list

4. Test report (according to the test report issued by the CNAS/ISO17025 laboratory of the applicable standard)

5. System certificate (ISO9001 or other quality standard system certificate, if any)

6. Identification numbers of the importer: (provide one of the following)

-Importer Tax Number (IFU)

-Customs identification number

-ICE number (Identifiant Commun de L'Entreprise)

7. If it is an OEM, PID (declaration of conformity of the product) file is required

Morocco COC application process

1. Application Form

2. Document review

3. Inspection

4. Qualified verification and issuance of a certificate

5. Arrival verification

Logo requirements

In order to prove that products comply with Moroccan technical regulations and standards, guide consumers to purchase, and help the government to strengthen effective control, technical products subject to Law No. 24-09 can only enter the Moroccan market with a clear CMim logo.

In accordance with the laws and regulations No. 2573-14 (Electrical Safety), No. 2574-14 (Electric Card Track Compatibility), No. 2575-14 (Toy Safety), and No. 3228-13 (Marking), electrical appliances and toys The product implements mandatory CMim labeling requirements.

Marking requirements:

1. The CMim logo is reflected on the product, with a height of at least 6mm;

2. If the product is too small to meet the requirements of 6mm, the CMim logo can be placed on the outer packaging and manual (in a form that is not easily damaged, such as silk screen, sticker, etc.);

3. The CMim logo can be viewed on the MICEVIN website.


Power supply voltage: 220V/50Hz (accepts wide voltage and frequency);

Plug/Socket: type E/C

Marking requirements:

Arabic language is used on the nameplate and manual;

The CMim certification mark is affixed to the product