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DOE certification

DOE certification

The US Department of Energy (Department of Energy) referred to as DOE. DOE issued DOE certification in accordance with US energy efficiency regulations, and this is the source of DOE certification.

The main purpose of the DOE certification issued by DOE is to save energy and reduce emissions, and to help users save electricity, so as to achieve related effects such as reducing energy consumption requirements and reducing the greenhouse effect. Now all products within the scope of DOE certification need to meet the requirements of the new laws and regulations.

DOE certification standards and regulations

US Federal Regulations: 10CFR429 and 10CFR430;

Among them, 10CFR429 stipulates sample selection specifications and reporting specifications;

10CFR430 specifies test methods and compliance declaration specifications.


Battery Chargers (充电器类):蓝牙耳机、蓝牙音响、运动手环、手机、平板、车载DVD、MP3、MP4等带小容量电池的产品;
External Power Supplies(电源适配器):平常使用的手机、平板等的充电器;目前电源适配器DOE强制要求满足6级能效要求;
Television Set(电视机);
Ceiling Fans;
Central Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps;
Clothes Dryers;
Cloths Washers;
Computer and Battery Backup Systems;
Direct heating Equipment;
Furnace Fans;
Hearth Products;
Kitchen Ranges and Ovens;
Microwave Ovens;
Miscellaneous Refrigeration;
Pool Heaters;
Portable Air Conditioners;
Refrigerators and Freezers;
Room Air Conditioners;
Set-Top Boxes;
Water Heaters;