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EMC electromagnetic compatibility testing

Electromagnetic compatibility EMC testing service:

With the widespread application of electronic and electrical products, electromagnetic interference is everywhere. On the one hand, electromagnetic interference will endanger human health and destroy the ecological balance. On the other hand, it will easily affect the normal operation of other electronic products around and interfere with the normal transmission of signals. Therefore, control and avoid electromagnetic interference on human life

It is a basic requirement for the design, production and sales of electronic and electrical products to save the impact of the environment and ensure that electronic products can operate normally in a complex electromagnetic environment.

Many countries have formulated relevant electromagnetic compatibility standards for this purpose, and have made clear requirements for the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of electrical and electronic products. The electromagnetic compatibility laboratory of Kezheng Testing Group not only has an experienced professional technical team, but also equipped with internationally advanced level of well-known brand testing equipment, such as German R&S measuring receivers, American Agilent spectrum analyzers and signal sources, and Japanese TOYO Anti-jamming test system, the detection capability covers the vast majority of Chinese exports

Some electronic products can provide enterprises with electromagnetic compatibility testing services from all over the world. ■At present, the electromagnetic compatibility laboratory of Kezheng Testing Group can provide the following services:

▲EMC certification testing services in countries all over the world, including CE/FCC/ISED/C-Tick, etc.

▲Predictive service of electromagnetic compatibility certification

▲Electromagnetic compatibility technical support and laboratory rental service in the early stage of product development

▲Provide a rectification plan for electromagnetic compatibility test items

▲Provide product information and suppliers of professional rectification components

▲Information update and training services for EMC standards in various countries