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Service Hotline 0755-29852678
Guangdong Kezheng Technical Service Co., Ltd.
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IoT system and software testing services

.The Internet of Things Laboratory of Kezheng Testing Group is able to carry out Internet of Things application projects in accordance with relevant standards (such as intelligent building acceptance inspection, computer room acceptance,

Comprehensive wiring, weak current engineering * secret rules, electronic tags, GPS communication protocol, security monitoring system engineering, etc.) projects to be tested;

♦The software evaluation laboratory of Kezheng Testing Group can carry out software registration evaluation and software product function evaluation for software companies in accordance with the GB/T25000.51 standard;

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Our advantage:

1. Possess the qualification certificate of "Zhejiang Internet of Things Application Engineering Quality Inspection Center"

2. Possess the field of IoT application engineering testing and software product evaluation to meet the CNAS accredited qualification standards:

•SO/IEC 18000, ISO/IEC 18047 "Parameters of the air interface of radio frequency identification technology communications used by information technology for item management" • ISO/IEC 18092 "Information technology, telecommunications and information systems-communication between near field-interface protocol"

•GB 50312-2007 "Code for Acceptance of Generic Cabling System Engineering"

•GB 50462-2008 "Code for Construction and Acceptance of the Computer Room of Electric W Speech and Information System"

•GB/T 2887-2011 "General Specification for Computer Sites"

•YD/T 1013-2013 "Testing method for electrical characteristics of integrated wiring system"

•GB 50339-2013 "Code for Quality Acceptance of Intelligent Building Engineering"

•GB/T15532-2008 "Computer Software Testing Specification"

• GB/T25000.51-2010 "Software Engineering Software Product Quality Requirements and Evaluation

-(SQuaRE) Quality Requirements and Test Rules for Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Software Products"

3. Customers who have served include:

National University of Defense Technology, Zhejiang Provincial Public Security Department, Zhejiang Provincial Highway Traffic Police Corps, Zhejiang Provincial Archives Administration, Second National Oceanographic Institute, Hikvision, Zhejiang University Computer School, Eastern Communications Corporation, Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd., etc. Among them, as many as 200 companies have registered for software product evaluation.