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Thailand TISI certification

Certification Introduction

TISI is the abbreviation of Thai Industrial Standards Institute. TISI is a department under the Ministry of Industry of Thailand. It is responsible for formulating standards and international standards that meet domestic needs, and monitoring products and conformity assessment procedures to ensure that standards and approvals are met. TISI is not only the competent government agency for compulsory certification in Thailand, but also a standard setting and management agency, certification agency, and laboratory accreditation, personnel training and registration agency. It is worth noting that Thailand does not have a non-governmental compulsory certification body.

Thailand implements the TISI certification system that combines compulsory certification and voluntary certification. For products that meet the standards, the TISI logo is allowed. For products that have not yet established standards, TISI also implements product registration as a means of temporary certification.

The Thai Industrial Standards Association TISI has formulated standards to meet the needs and development of national industries, enterprises, economic governments and society, as well as government policy support, consumer protection, and environmental and natural resource protection. TISI provides a product certification program, including two certification marks, namely voluntary certification marks and compulsory certification marks.

Applicable product range

TISI's content includes technical specifications, product characteristics, product operating performance, raw material quality and testing procedures. Currently, there are more than 2,000 standards covering many consumer products such as food, electrical appliances, vehicles, building materials, etc. The Thai government requires 60 categories of products for compulsory certification, covering 8 areas, including: electrical equipment and accessories, medical equipment, building materials, consumer goods, vehicles, PVC pipes, LPG gas containers and agricultural products. In addition, the certification of other types of products are voluntary certification.

application process

1. The customer provides product information and importer information to Kezheng, and Kezheng contacts the local Thai importer to collect relevant documents;

2. The customer provides samples and test documents, and Kezheng will send the samples to the TIS accredited laboratory in Thailand, and the laboratory will arrange the test;

3. Kezheng confirms the inspection date with customers and Thai engineers, confirms the schedule of Thai engineers two weeks in advance and makes relevant arrangements. Kezheng assists in factory inspection and escort translation;

4. Kezheng will follow up the progress of the test and the progress of the factory inspection report. After both are completed, the TISI certificate will be issued.

Application materials

1. Basic product information (including product name, model, specification, trademark)

2. Product technical information (including circuit diagram, layout, label, key parts list, manual, specification, etc.)

3. Product photos

4. Factory ISO system certificate and quality control plan, flow chart, quality manual

5. Factory quality management program file

6. Sample


Note: The Thai standard corresponding to this product must be indicated under the certification mark

The product nameplate cannot be marked with the certification mark before or during the TISI certificate application. After the TISI certificate is obtained, the product must be marked with the TISI certification mark and the name of the certificate holder, and the merchant must mark the product before the product enters Thailand. The safety label is attached to the product.