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Russian FAC certification

Certification Introduction

The full name of the Russian FAC is "Federal Communications Agency", which is Russia's Federal Communications Agency. FAC certification is Russia's wireless certification. FAC certification ensures that products installed or linked to public telecommunication networks comply with relevant Russian regulations. Almost all RF modules and all telecommunications products must obtain FAC certificates to enter the Russian market.

FAC certification basic information

Is it mandatory: yes

Applicant: Russian company

Local representative: Yes

Certificate validity: 3 years

FAC certification does not have a special mark

Authentication type

FAC certification and FAC statement

FAC certification is divided into two forms: Declaration and Certification according to the product category. The validity period of the declaration type is 3 years, while the certification type is divided into 1 year and 3 years (factory audit required), and the application period is longer.

Several similar models, series or series can be specified in the FAC certificate;

Only a single model should be specified in the FAC statement-there are no series, no series, and no similar models in the FAC statement.

The certification can be applied for by a local company or a foreign company, but the declaration can only be announced by a locally registered company and submitted to the FAC for approval.

FAC Modular Approval

Manufacturers can approve telecommunications built-in modules or end-user equipment, which is not legally important. It depends on the manufacturer's choice. But approving end-user devices is a better way. If the manufacturer only approves the module, in this case, he must provide some legal and design information for any official, customer (such as importer, customs clearance, etc.) of the end-user device including the module that has been fully approved. Sometimes it can be difficult. If multiple models contain the same module, we can provide a discount for the registration statement.