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Indonesia SDPPI certification

Certification Introduction

SDPPI (DirektoratJenderal Sumber Daya dan Perangkat Pos danInformatika) is a regulatory agency that formulates, plans and implements standardization guidelines and policies in the field of radio and communications, and has the function of public services. It can issue radio spectrum licenses, including the supervision of radio frequency spectrum. The interference and misalignment is an organization with wireless/communication testing and certification capabilities, including SDPPI certification for wireless products.

Wireless products exported to Indonesia must pass Indonesia's SDPPI type certification and customs inspection. The Indonesian Directorate General of Posts and Telecommunications (DGPT) has been compulsory since June 2009 to prohibit companies outside Indonesia from being type-approved licensees.


SDPPI certification basic information

Compulsory certification

Control unit: Indonesia DGPT

Need local representative needs

Need local testing requirements

Application cycle: 6-8 weeks

Number of samples: at least 2 sets

Applicable product range

Applicable products and corresponding laws and regulations

1. BT Bluetooth: No.09 / DIRJEN /2004

2. WLAN wireless local area network: No. 28 / PERMEN/ 2015

3. SRD short-range radio: No. 214 /DIRJEN / 2005

4. GSM cellular mobile communication: No.370/DIRJEN/2010

5. WCDMA: No.173 /DIRJEN / 2009

6. LTE: No. 27 TAHUN 2015

application process

1. Fill in the application form

2. Send samples to the institution

3. Sample test

4. Certificates will be issued after passing the test

Application materials

1. A copy of act of association (Indonesian, "aktapendirian")

2. A copy of tax number (Indonesian, "NPWP")

3. Copy of company registration (Indonesian, "TDP")

4. Copy of import license (Indonesian, "NPIK")

5. Relevant technical information and application form

6. Information of local agents (certificates will only be issued to local agents)

7. To apply for Indonesian certification, a local Indonesian company authorized by an overseas manufacturer must be provided as the holder of the certificate. Local Indonesian companies allow the certificate holder to be the manufacturer’s local agent, local wholesale or local broker. (Need to test locally in Indonesia)。

Exemption statement

SDPPI certification special circumstances

Products applicable to SDPPI exemption mainly include: GPS terminals, servers, network switching equipment, keyless systems, wireless charging equipment, etc.

The main information that needs to be provided to us to apply for the exemption letter are:

1. Application form signed and sealed by the real importer or manufacturer;

2. Product manual;

3. Photos of internal and external photos;

4. Label photos;

5. User manual.

Notice of Waiver Letter

1. The holder of the exemption letter can be the importer, manufacturer or factory, etc., but it is recommended to apply for the relevant exemption letter in the name of the local importer in Indonesia;

2. The validity period of the exemption letter is 1 year, and it needs to be re-applied when it expires;

3. It usually takes 1-2 weeks to apply for an exemption letter;

4. All the data can be reviewed, no need to submit samples.