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E-MARK certification

Certification Introduction

Introduction to E-MARK certification E-Mark is also the European Common Market. For automobiles and motorcycles and their safety parts and products, noise and exhaust gas, etc., all products must meet the certification requirements of the European Union and the European Economic Commission, and they will be awarded Qualification certificate to ensure the safety of driving and the requirements of environmental protection. The number of E-Mark is different according to the certification country. For example, when Luxembourg applies, its E-Mark mark is E13/e13.8f3aacf2bf3707c1133ae42956d7b88.png

E-Mark logo

E mark

The certificates of various countries have corresponding numbers:

E1—Germany E2—France E3—Italy E4—Netherlands E5—Sweden

E6—Belgium E7—Hungary E8—Czech Republic E9—Spain E10—Yugoslavia

E11—UK E12—Austria E13—Luxembourg E14—Switzerland E16—Norway

E17—Finland E18—Denmark E19—Romania E20—Poland E21—Portugal

E22—Russia E23—Greece E25—Croatia E26—Slovenia

E27—Slovakia E28—Belarus E29—Estonia E31—Bosnia and Herzegovina

E37—Turkey E57—San Marino

e mark

It is a certification mark for complete motor vehicles, safety parts and systems that the European Commission compulsory member states to use in accordance with EU directives. The testing agency must be a technical service agency in an EU member state, and the certification agency is a government transportation department in an EU member state. All EU member states will recognize products that have obtained e-mark certification. Like the E mark certification, the certificates of each member country have corresponding numbers:

e1—Germany e2—France e3—Italy e4—The Netherlands e5—Sweden

e6—Belgium e9—Spain e11—UK e12—Austria e13—Luxembourg

e17—Finland e18—Denmark e21—Portugal e23—Greece e24—Ireland

Applicable product range

1. Complete vehicles-motorized vehicles with two or more wheels, such as passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses, and off-road vehicles.

2. Automobile and motorcycle parts and components—car lights and bulbs, various sight glasses, tires, rims, brakes, horns, anti-theft equipment, seat belts,

Automobile glass and exhaust pipes, etc.

3. Accessories for automobiles and motorcycles—safety helmets, child safety chairs, and auxiliary electrical products in the car, etc.