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Iran VOC certification

basic introduction

Iran's certified export COI (certificate of inspection), Chinese for compliance verification, is a related inspection required by Iran's mandatory legal inspection of imports. When the exported products are in the COI (certificate of inspection) list, the importer must inspect and issue a certificate in accordance with the Iranian national standard ISIRI when clearing customs. To obtain certification for export to Iran, relevant certification needs to be carried out by an authorized third-party agency.

Most industrial products, equipment and machinery imported into Iran need to follow the compulsory certification procedures established by ISIRI (Iranian Institute of Standards and Industry). Iran’s import regulations are complex and require a lot of document support. For details, please refer to the Iran’s compulsory certification product list to understand the products that must be subject to the ISIRI “conformity verification” procedure.

The products mentioned in this list can only obtain the certificate of conformity (Certificate of Conformity-CoC) issued by ISIRI on the basis of the "conformity verification" provided by the inspection company recognized by the Iranian government; and the certificate of conformity issued by ISIRI, It is a necessary document for import customs clearance of goods. As an importer, you must confirm with the competent authority of the Iranian government whether the imported products must follow the compulsory certification procedure and provide relevant documents required for certification.

Iran’s VOC certification (Verification of Conformity) means conformity certification, which means Iran’s compulsory conformity assessment procedure. The Iranian Standard Industrial Research Institute (ISIRI) is authorized by the Iranian government through a ministerial order to manage the quality of goods imported into Iran to protect the safety, health and environment of the public, avoid low-quality products from impacting related industries, and based on the results of random inspections Issue a customs clearance certificate issued by the Iranian customs for clearance.

Commodity inspection requirements

When the goods are produced and packaged and ready for shipment, you should make an appointment with the inspection agency for the inspection date 3 working days in advance. For the goods that need to be issued with a VOC certificate, you must arrange for inspection and testing at the production plant.

The inspection of commodities mainly includes the following aspects:

1) Model, specifications and parameters;

2) Appearance quality;

3) Testing of physical and chemical properties, mechanical properties, electrical properties and other indicators (witness testing or sampling for inspection);

4) Quantity;

5) Packaging;

6) Mark and mark (including mark of origin, etc.);

7) Brand;

8) Others: For example, whether there are commodities or prohibited items that do not comply with the laws, regulations and religious customs of the importing country;

9) For the shipment of the entire container, container loading should be monitored.

VOC certification application process

1. The importer shall apply at the local license-issuing agency

2. The Iranian VOC certification body will feed back the application information to their branch in the exporting country

3. The branch of the exporting country directly contacts the exporter for inspection matters

4. When inspecting the goods, the issuing agency shall implement sampling tests

5. If there is no problem with the inspection and the product test is also qualified, a VOC certificate will be issued

6. If there is a problem with the inspection, or the product fails to pass the test, a certificate of non-conformity will be issued