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Japan METI filing

Certification Introduction

Japan’s DENTORL Law (Electrical Device and Material Control Law) stipulates that Japanese purchasers must register and declare to Japan METI within one month after purchasing goods, and must mark the purchaser’s name or ID on the product for future Supervise and manage the product sales process. Products exported to Japan and applied for PSE certification must require METI filing.

The Japanese website sells PSE catalog products such as mobile lithium-ion batteries or power supplies. Please submit the relevant filing information to Amazon within one month after receiving the official notification from Amazon Japan, otherwise the relevant product information will be removed from Amazon.

METI filing conditions

1. Qualified as an importer

2. Without importer qualification (this laboratory provides Japanese importer qualification rental, not free)

application process

1. The applicant is cooperating with the department to provide application documents;

2. Submit the test report and related documents to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan;

3. Registration of application documents;

4. Product name brand design and confirmation.

Application materials

1. Application form for opening a case;

2. PSE test report (products with battery or adapter, battery and adapter also need PSE test report);

3. Product manual (Japanese + English);

4. Product specifications (BOM table, product photos);

5. Statement of differences (if there are series models in the report).


Application cycle

Japan's METI filing takes 1-2 weeks.

METI filing validity period

Japan METI filing is valid for 3 years