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South Africa NRCS certification

Certification Introduction

The South African National Mandatory Regulations Implementation Act (Act 5 of 2008) was promulgated in the Government Gazette 31216 on July 4, 2008, and was enforced on September 1, 2008, under the control of the South African agency NRCS. NRCS is the abbreviation of National Regulator of Compulsory Specification, and its full name in Chinese is the National Compulsory Requirements Management Department.

All electronic and electrical products that meet the requirements, whether they are exported or sold in the South African market, must apply to the NRCS for a power of attorney as a customs clearance and sales pass.


Certification category

NRCS (LOA): Import license (Safety, mandatory), must have a local agent in South Africa.

EMI Certificate (CoC): Certificate of Conformity (EMI, Mandatory)

standard test



Applicable product range

The electronic and electrical products listed in the mandatory specifications fall into the following five categories:

1. Household and similar products;

2. Information technology products;

3. Electronic entertainment equipment;

4. Hand-held electric tools;

5. Wire and cable.

application process

1. Company registration

NRCS registration; the detailed information of the registered importer is used to establish a credit mechanism. If the basic information of the manufacturer or importer changes, it should be re-registered in time; non-South African companies must apply through South African agents.

2. Submit application materials

1) LOA application form

2) For the qualified test report issued by an accredited laboratory, NRCS may require the applicant to provide samples if necessary to confirm the validity of the report.

3. NRCS review and evaluation materials

South Africa IEC report application

South African certification body description

The certification of electronic and electrical products is mainly divided into two aspects: safety regulations and electromagnetic compatibility. For safety, it is necessary to obtain a LOA (letter of Authority) certificate, and for electromagnetic compatibility, it is necessary to obtain a COC (certificate of Compliance) certificate. The following is an explanation of important terms:

1. NRCS: Is the issuing authority of the LOA certificate.

2. SABS: Is the issuing authority for COC certificate and SABS mark certification. SABS (South African Bureau of Standards)

Responsible for braking South African standards, but also engaged in certification and testing.

3. LOA certification: Letter of Authority, for security.

4. COC certification: certificate of Compliance, for EMC.

5. SABS certification: This certification is voluntary. The requirements are relatively strict, requiring the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) to arrange factory inspection and testing, and there will be two annual audits every year after obtaining the certificate.