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Japan VCCI certification

Certification Introduction

VCCI is Japan's electromagnetic compatibility certification mark, which is managed by the Voluntary Control Council for Interference by Information Technology Equipment. VCCI certification is not mandatory, but information technology products sold in Japan are generally required to undergo VCCI certification. Manufacturers should first apply to become a member of VCCI before they can use the VCCI logo. In order to be accredited by VCCI, the provided EMI test report must be issued by a VCCI registered and accredited testing organization. Japan currently has no standards for immunity.


The necessity of VCCI certification

Although VCCI certification is not mandatory, it is used by many companies to prove the quality of the product. Therefore, VCCO certification is only theoretically "voluntary", and market pressure makes it actually implemented.

VCCI certification basic information

Is it mandatory: voluntary certification

Certificate validity period: no validity period

Factory inspection requirements: no requirements

Certificate holder requirements: no requirement

Application cycle: 1-2 weeks

Technical information: voltage frequency AC 100V/200V, 50Hz/60Hz, plug JIS 8303

Applicable product range

VCCI certification is a voluntary certification. The applicable products are IT information technology equipment. Not all electrical and electronic products are suitable for VCCI certification.

The A-level label of the product must indicate that the product complies with the RF radiation clause, and the B-level product only needs to display the basic VCCI symbol.

1. Class A equipment: Must meet the limit requirements of Class A. ITE equipment other than Class B.

2. Class B equipment means that it must meet the limit requirements of Class B. It is aimed at the home environment (home environment refers to the environment where it is possible to use radio and television receivers within 10m from the information technology equipment, or it can Products used under the residential environment, including: devices that are not used in a fixed location, such as portable devices powered by rechargeable batteries; communication terminal devices powered by communication networks; personal computers, portable word processors, and peripherals connected to them Equipment; fax equipment.

application process

1. The manufacturer or agent submits an oral or written preliminary application to the certification company.

2. The applicant fills in the application form and sends the application form, product manual and technical documents to the certification company. If necessary, the applicant company is required to provide a prototype.

3. The certification company draws up plans and quotes.

4. The applicant confirms the quotation, signs back the quotation and sends the samples and related technical documents to the certification company.

5. The applicant provides technical documents.

6. The certification company issues a fee notice to the applicant. The applicant pays the certification fee in advance according to the fee notice.

7. The certification company reviews the technical documents and organizes related certification activities.

8. If the technical documents are incomplete or the specified language is not used, the certification company will notify the applicant to improve.

9. If the test fails, the certification company will promptly notify the applicant and decide whether to suspend the project and allow the applicant to improve the product according to the situation. The applicant should make changes to the technical data in the original application to reflect the actual situation after the change.

10. The rectification fee certification company involved in Articles 9 and 10 on this page will issue a supplementary fee notice to the applicant.

11. The applicant shall pay the rectification fee according to the supplementary fee notice.

12. The certification company provides the applicant with test reports or technical documents and VCCI compliance certificates.

13、申请人签署VCCI保证自我声明并在产品上贴附VCCI标示 VCCI产品范围。

Application materials

1. Application Form

2. Equipment model technical specification or technical manual, schematic diagram and instruction manual

3. Label