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CCC certification

Certification Introduction

The so-called CCC certification is China's compulsory product certification system, the English name China Compulsory Certification, the English abbreviation CCC (referred to as 3C certification). As the three-in-one "CCC" certification of National Safety Certification (CCEE), Import Safety Quality Licensing System (CCIB), and China Electromagnetic Compatibility Certification (EMC), it is an advanced international standard by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the State Certification and Accreditation Administration of China Signs are of irreplaceable importance.

Any product listed in the 3C certification product catalog without being certified by the 3C certification body and sold privately in the country is an offence, and the corresponding administrative penalty consequences and legal risks shall be borne.


Significance of certification

The necessity of CCC certification

1. 3C certification is a compulsory certification, which is a passport to enter the domestic market; CCC is a domestic compulsory certification. If you sell in the country, it mainly depends on whether your company's products are in the 3C compulsory catalog. If you are there, you must do 3C certification. Companies with 3C certification can increase the recognition of their products. If the product is exported, there is a 3C certification mark, which can reduce certain items of export testing.

2. Products and companies with 3C certification are easy to be recognized, which can enhance customer confidence, shape corporate image and increase visibility. Products without 3C certification are not easy to buy.

3. Because CCC certification is a third-party testing agency independent of the first party (supplier) and the second party (purchaser), through strict inspections and inspections, an authoritative certificate is issued for product compliance. This fair and scientific quality system conforms to the laws of market economy and can bring direct economic benefits to both parties of trade.

4. The acquisition of CCC certification and CCC certification mark by an enterprise is an important manifestation of corporate culture and quality culture. Striving to obtain the CCC certification mark and producing high-quality products is not only a material achievement, but also a spiritual product, and it is the crystallization of corporate culture.

Compulsory product certification catalog

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application process

1. Application acceptance

2. Document review

3. Receipt of samples sent

4. Sample test

5. Factory inspection

6. Conformity assessment

7. Certificate approval

8. Printing, receiving, sending and management of certificates

The frequency of post-certification supervision (annual review): generally once a year, and the toy category is once half a year.

Application materials

1. Product manual;

2. Product specifications;

3. Product maintenance manual;

4. Product circuit diagrams (including schematic diagrams and printed circuit board diagrams);

5. A description of the difference between the main delivery model product and the covered model product in the same application unit;

6. A list of key components related to product safety and a list of main components that have an impact on electromagnetic compatibility;

7. A copy of the certification certificate of the product's key safety components;

8. CB test certificate and report of the product;

9. The product's trademark authorization letter, etc.

Certification fee

1. Application fee: 500 yuan;

2. Registration fee: 800 yuan;

3. Product testing fee: different products and testing standards are different, and specific evaluations need to be made according to the product;

4. Factory inspection fee: according to the standard fee of 2500 yuan/person/day, factories with less than 100 people will send 2 supervisory auditors, and factories with more than 100 people will send 3 or more supervisory auditors. This link also involves personnel round-trip transportation expenses, board and lodging expenses, etc.

5. Agency service fee: The agency company generally charges a certain agency service fee for 3C certification. The agency services include: certification application, data compilation and submission, progress follow-up, factory audit counseling, assistance in system document production, factory audit follow-up cooperation, abnormal feedback and resolution, follow-up report and other services.


· Certification processing cycle

The 3C certification processing cycle generally takes about 2 months.

· Certificate validity period

The 3C certification certificate is valid for five years. During the five-year certificate validity period, as long as the manufacturer accepts the annual factory inspection (annual audit) every year.

· 3C Derivation

The 3C derivation is to satisfy the manufacturers’ distributors or partners who need independent 3C certificates. The cost of deriving the secondary certificate is relatively low. The processing time is only 2-3 weeks, and the cost is greatly reduced. There is no need to retest and inspect the factory.

Note: The factory information on the certificate cannot be changed, and the main certificate is suspended or cancelled, and the secondary certificate will also become invalid.

· Imported products apply for 3C certification

Products that are in the 3C certification catalog and used for commercial purposes for sales or profitable activities need to apply for 3C certification. For civilian purposes, such as scientific research, exhibition, teaching, samples, etc., you can apply for 3C certification exemption.

Since 3C certification requires factory inspection, the cost of 3C certification for imported products from abroad will be much higher.