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Brazil INMETRO certification

Certification Introduction

INMETRO is the abbreviation of Brazil's National Bureau of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality. The full name is "The National Institute for Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality". It is responsible for the certification qualification review of various product certification bodies (CB). In addition, INMETRO will also define various products and their corresponding requirements under this certification scheme. The INMETRO certification under its control covers safety and energy efficiency. INMETRO is not only a compulsory certification mark in Brazil, but also Brazil’s national certification body, responsible for the supervision and audit of its authorized qualification certification agencies and laboratories, as well as the implementation and develop.


Basic information of INMETRO certification

Technical information: voltage frequency AC127V-220V/60HZ, plug ABNT NBR NM 60884-1:2004

Is it mandatory: mandatory + voluntary

Certificate validity period: based on the product, divided into 2 years/3 years/5 years (3 years for household appliances)

Factory inspection requirements: first factory inspection + annual inspection (for manufacturers and Brazilian buyers at the same time)

Requirements for the holder: a local agency company is required

Applicable product range

Many types of products, including electronic medical equipment, household appliances, toys, auto parts, tires and wheels, etc., need to obtain INMETRO certification to enter the Brazilian market.

Brazil's product certification is divided into two types: compulsory certification and voluntary certification.

Mandatory category

· Steel Pipe

· Cast iron pipe accessories

· Wire Rope

· Automobile and motorcycle tires, wheels, batteries, shock absorbers, fuel pumps, horns, engine pistons, piston rings, piston pins, circlips, safety glass lights

· Active medical equipment

· Circuit Breaker

· Live equipment used in explosive atmospheres (explosion-proof certification)

· Gas system related equipment (pressure reducing valve and rubber hose)

· Switches, plugs and sockets

· Electronic Ballast (ballast)

· Wires and cables

· Voltage regulator

· Home appliance

· IT equipment

Voluntary category

· Industrial Valve

· Building materials, etc.

Energy efficiency label

· Three-phase motor

· Photovoltaic modules, etc.

application process

1. The applicant submits an application to the laboratory

2. The laboratory customer service staff accepts the application, and the office issues a test notice. The applicant needs to prepare 3 samples

3. The applicant sends samples for testing, and the test is qualified, and the laboratory issues a test report

4. Arrange factory inspection and on-site audit (2 Brazilian on-site auditors)

5. If the audit is qualified, an on-site audit report will be issued and submitted to the institution for evaluation

6. The report is qualified and the certificate is issued

Follow-up supervision and review:

According to Brazilian laws, different products have different supervision and audit cycles, generally 6/9/12 months. The process is as follows:

Importer review


Factory audit

Laboratory evaluation (if applicable)

Witness test (if applicable)

Importer review

Certification process review

Renew certificate

Application information

1. Test application form

2. Product manual and operation manual (Portuguese)

3. Electrical schematic diagram

4. Parts, material list and manufacturer

5. Specifications of parts

Cycle cost

Brazil INMETRO certification cycle

1. Some products are more complicated, the process is more cumbersome, and the cycle is long, such as auto parts and car tires. If the whole process is not smooth, it will be difficult to handle in a year, even for ordinary products, it will take more than 4 months

2. Non-mandatory products, the cycle is about more than 2 months, generally involving factory inspections, it takes more than 4 months

Brazil INMETRO certification fee

For general products, the overall production is 80, 90,000;

Some are more expensive, such as car tires, all costs add up to more than 200,000