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Service Hotline 0755-29852678
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Radio frequency detection

Before wireless communication products are put on the market, manufacturers need to make sure that the products meet the requirements of the corresponding national, regional or international technical specifications. The radio frequency department of Kezheng Testing Group is composed of senior wireless communication technical engineers, especially in ZigBee, Z-Zave, Bluetooth. Wi-Fi, GSM, WCDMA. CDMA, LTE and other fields have accumulated rich engineering experience, providing customers with one-stop services for domestic and foreign wireless communication products.

In order to meet the growing certification needs of customers, Kezheng Testing Group has not only obtained the approval of the US S (FCC) and Canada (IC), but also established good cooperation with the Notify Body of Japan, Australia, South Korea and the European Union, and fully assisted Major electronic manufacturers have obtained professional certifications for wireless communication products in various countries.

Our advantage:

★Has a fully automatic radio frequency test system, covering 2G; 3G; 4G; BT; Wifi (2.4G & 5G full frequency band)

★ FSV (Upto 40GHz); FSU (Up to 26.5GHz); CMW500 (full standard)

★Full band filter, limiter

Our service capabilities:

★Low power and short distance (SRD)

★Wireless broadband technology, frequency hopping (FHSS) series products

★ WLAN series products (802.11a, b, g, n, ac products)

★Land Mobile Service: professional walkie-talkie, civil walkie-talkie

★Mobile Communication Service: GSM(2G)/GPRS(2.5G),

EDGE(2.75G), CDMA(3G), WCDMA(3G), CDMA2000(3G), TD-CDMA(3G), TD-CDMA(3G), HSDPA+(3.5G),

HSUPA) (3.5G), LTE (4G) and other products

★Wireless product MIMO test/DFS Master/Slave test