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Helmet 3C certification

Certification background

The Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security announced that from June 1, 2020, the “one helmet and one belt” guardian operation will be carried out across the country. Was rigorously investigated. Wearing helmets correctly and using seat belts can reduce the risk of death in traffic accidents by 60% to 70%. For non-motorized cyclists, helmets are equivalent to the seat belts worn by motorized vehicle drivers. The latter line of defense. Helmets for electric bicycles and motorcycles require compulsory product certification, namely CCC certification.


Definition of helmet

Helmet: A device used to reduce head injuries of motorcycle occupants in an accident.

Scope of application: suitable for helmets worn by motorcycle occupants and electric bicycles (including drivers and passengers).

Note: Sports helmets without goggles only need to make a test report, which is not within the scope of mandatory CCC certification.


GB 811-2010 "Motorcycle Crew Helmet"

Helmet CCC certification cost and cycle

The helmet CCC certification application fee is 500 yuan, the registration fee is 800 yuan, the test fee is 8,000 yuan, and the factory inspection fee and the service fee of the testing agency are also included.

The application period is 4-6 weeks, and the expedited period is 2 weeks

Helmet CCC certification application materials

1. Qualification documents: business license, industrial and commercial registration certificate, trademark registration certificate, etc.;

2. Overview of the manufacturer: factory inspection questionnaire, brief introduction of the manufacturer and production situation, and description of the model/specification of the motorcycle occupant helmet, etc.;

3. Certification unit information: certification power of attorney, "Product Description of Motorcycle Rider Helmet", product instruction manual, test report and/or related declarations, etc.

Helmet CCC certification test items

1. Structure, size

2. Scope of protection

3. Quality

4. Vision

5. Goggles (transmittance and impact strength)

6. Stiffness performance

7. Fixture stability

8. Wearing device strength performance

9. Collision energy absorption performance

10. Penetration resistance

11. Logo


The number of samples required≥6

Supplementary delivery model: delivery of helmets for motorcycle occupants during the difference test.