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Japan TELEC certification

Certification Introduction

Japan’s certification for radio frequency equipment is called Radio Equipment Type Approval. The official regulatory agency is MIC (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications), Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. The main certification agency is TELEC (Telecom Engineering Center) designated by MIC, as well as RF Technologies. /JQA/SGS/ITS/TUV/UL and other 12 certification agencies, so it is usually called TELEC certification, some people also call MIC certification, RF certification, GITEKI certification, technical fitness certification, similar to domestic SRRC certification.

TELEC certification complies with Japan's "Radio Law", and the specific test specification complies with MIC (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) Notice No. 88 regulations. According to the requirements of Japan's "Radio Law", the production, sale, and operation of wireless equipment in Japan must comply with the technical regulations approved by MIC, and it is mandatory to apply for the type approval certificate (ie TELEC certification) for radio equipment.


TELEC certification basic information

Is it mandatory: Compulsory certification

Factory inspection requirements: no requirements, but ISO certificates or approved quality control documents are required

Certificate holder requirements: no requirement

Certificate validity period: none

Certification period: about 4 weeks

Technical information: voltage frequency AC 100V/200V, 50Hz/60Hz, plug JIS 8303

Description of TELEC certification, GITEKI certification, MIC certification and MARK technical fitness certification

·TELEC certification and GITEKI certification

The full name of TELEC in Japan is TELECom Engineering Center, which is the certification body of the Radio Law approved by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan. In 2014, the TELEC organization also obtained the certification of the Telecommunications Business Law. Now, generally speaking, TELEC certification is equivalent to GITEKI certification. .

·TELEC certification and MIC certification

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan is abbreviated as MIC, and the full English name is Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications is the regulatory agency of Japan's "Radio Wave Law" and "Electrical Communications Business Law". Generally speaking, MIC certification is equivalent to TELEC certification.

·TELEC certification and MARK technical fitness certification

After passing the TELEC certification, the product can be printed with the GITEKI logo. GITEKI is derived from the Japanese name for certification: "Technology マーク". The Japanese word "Technology" is spelled GITEKI, so GITEKI certification is also called "Technology certification", GITEKI certification and Technical fitness certification is just a different name.

Certification classification

TELEC certification includes Test Certification and Type Certification. Test certification is to verify each equipment unit, and the certification is only valid for each equipment unit that has been verified;

Type certification refers to the verification of samples of a batch of equipment of the same design and manufacture. The certification is valid for the batch of equipment, but if the design or manufacturing of the equipment is changed, the equipment will need to be re-certified.

It is worth noting that the use of non-low-power radio stations and their terminal equipment needs to apply for a license from MIC. In addition, there are two types of compliance certification for telecommunications terminal equipment:

· For ordinary telephone devices, as long as JATE certification is required in accordance with the Telecommunications Business Law;

· For wireless terminal equipment, in addition to JATE certification according to the requirements of the Telecommunications Business Law, TELEC certification is also required according to the requirements of the Radio Law.

Applicable product range

TELEC certification is aimed at radio frequency products including: Bluetooth products, ZigBee products, telemeters, WiFi products, wireless microphones, pagers, LTE·RFID (2.4GHz, 920MHz) products, UWB radio systems, GSM products, etc.

application process

1. Fill in the application form, prepare materials and samples

2. The testing agency reviews the data and preliminarily test the samples

3. The testing agency shall formally apply to the agency approved by the MIC of the Ministry of General Affairs

4. Institutional review documents

5. Sample test, provide test report (can be tested by authorized laboratory)

6. After the documents and test reports are passed, the Japanese MIC will issue a certificate

Application materials

1. Technical model specification table

2. Quality management system statement

3. Quality control confirmation method or manufacturer’s ISO 9001 certificate

4. Confirmation of construction guarantee

5. Rated power declaration

6. Antenna report

7. Test report including test results, test setup photos and inspections performed)

8. Block diagram, schematic diagram, material list, parts placement, IC data sheet, internal and external photos, product description, user manual, operation/technical description, accessory description)

9. Label information (label location, label content)

10. If you are an agent or authorized representative of the manufacturer, you need a letter/authorization letter