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UAE ECAS certification

Certification Introduction

The UAE's product quality supervisory authority is ESMA (UAE Bureau of Standards and Metrology). ESMA has developed a set of "UAE Product Certification Scheme (UAE Product Certification Scheme)" to ensure that products meet international standards and have independent guarantees of quality and safety. According to the announcement issued by the UAE ESMA before, products within the scope of ECAS registration and certification (including electrical and electronic products) should be marked with the ECAS logo and the NB number.


Significance of certification

The ECAS certification program guarantees that products entering the UAE meet the approved standards, not only in terms of product quality but also in terms of safety. All products related to public life, health and safety, and products that affect the environment and the UAE economy are included in the plan. In addition, ECAS will also include locally produced products in the plan to ensure the quality of these products and make these products competitive in the global market.

Applicable product range

The scope of the ECAS plan includes electrical, electronic and gas appliances, machinery, automobiles, construction and construction, cosmetics and food and other industries. Electrical equipment (ECASEx), lighting products and low voltage equipment (LVE) in explosive atmospheres.

ECAS certification not only includes safety, but covers the safety testing, performance testing, functional inspection, hazardous substance testing and other aspects that may be covered by electronic and electrical appliances (but does not include wireless testing, which is controlled by TRA certification). Generally speaking, ordinary electrical products only have safety test requirements, but air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, and lamps are also subject to EESL energy efficiency control and require energy efficiency tests. Lamps are relatively special and have four test requirements. Therefore, if controlled lamps are exported to the UAE, they must complete the four test standards and submit them together, apply for the COC certificate covering the four standards, complete the EESL registration, and affix the energy efficiency label before they can smoothly clear the customs and enter the UAE market.

From May 1, 2019, all ITE information products and AV audio and video products entering the UAE must apply for compulsory ECAS certification.

Application information

1. A valid UAE industrial/trade business license permit (local company name, address, contact information)

2. CB test report (if applicable products also need to meet tropical climate conditions)

3.PID-Product Identity Declaration product consistency declaration (only required for multiple application models)

4. Including the product label and the appearance photo of the country of origin

5. Manuals in Arabic and English

6. For home appliances (such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, etc.), energy efficiency performance reports are also required to apply for EESL

7. For electronic products, the plug part must meet ESMA requirements such as BS 1363 or BS 546.

Application fee

ECAS certification fee

Application registration fee: 600AED

Certificate issuance fee: 500AED

Document review fee: 400-2500AED/h

Report review fee: 400AED